From concerts and festivals to F1 races, events are starting to take place across Canada as COVID restrictions loosen. As more events begin to take place, the demand for reliable machinery that can help set up stages, place fences, carry tables and carefully move sound systems is higher than ever. Merlo telehandlers find themselves uniquely equipped to handle any and all outdoor event set-up and tear-down thanks to their versatility, compact design, operator-friendly controls, manoeuvrability and speed.

1. Versatility

Merlo telehandlers have an incredible number of benefits, but one of their most useful is their versatility. With their Quick Attach feature, you’ll be able to switch attachments within a matter of seconds. The forks attachment is perfect for loading and unloading trucks and material handling, while the man-basket is ideal for setting up lights and sound systems. You can also pop on a bucket and complete any landscaping needs your event may need.

Whether you’re setting up for an outdoor summer music festival or a Carnival d’hiver in -25 degrees Celcius weather, Merlo telehandlers are up to the task.

2. Easy to operate

Not only are Merlo telehandlers the most versatile machines on the market today, but they’re also beloved by operators everywhere. Thanks to their 360-degree visibility, rapidly extending boom and efficiency, operators will fall in love with driving a Merlo.

“I can guarantee that our employees are much happier with our Merlo because of its cabin comfort compared to the competition. The right-sided boom et rapid-deployment are also very helpful. It’s a great machine with lots of security features,” said Aleksei Lopez, Operations Supervisor at Tentes Fiesta.

These telehandlers offer the largest and most comfortable cabin in the industry. This is vital, especially when hosting outdoor events because you’re working on a tight schedule and need your operators to become familiarized and comfortable in your machinery quickly.

3. Manoeuvrability

The compact design of Merlo telehandlers, combined with a tight turning radius, makes them ideal for all event operations. During the set-up and tear-down of events, they can become crowded, hectic places. You need machinery that will be able to weave through the chaos and be able to fit into tight spaces.

4. Increase your productivity

When it comes to events, one thing is certain: Time is money. With strict deadlines, your machinery should be reliable and be able to complete each task efficiently and effectively. With the speed and versatility of your Merlo telehandler, you’ll be able to increase the productivity of your operations and quickly realize all of your event goals!

5. Unique features, infinite possibilities

Along with Merlo’s standard versatility, power and speed, there are also a number of unique features to the brand that will help make your event operations run smoothly. The first being the boom side-shift, which allows the operator to move the boom sideways 50 cm in each direction and reduces the number of machine moves per day.

Another feature is the cabin suspension system, which keeps the cabin steady despite any uneven terrain. For outdoor events, this feature will help operators keep their loads even without having to reduce their speed.

Add those to Merlo’s independent stabilizers, auto-levelling system and perfectly calibrated chassis, and you’re left with a telehandler that is stable, safe and efficient.

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