Manulift, Trusted Supplier of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix
Manoeuvrable, precise, fast, and versatile, Merlo telehandlers are essential tothe Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix organization.
The Hôtel de Glace has chosen Manulift as the official supplier of Merlo telehandlers, to ensure the construction of the hotel for the next 3...
Manulift and Nextra Consulting welcomed Ontario business owners to its second Liquids Event, GROW, at Manulift's branch in Stoney Creek, ON.
From various attachments to unique features, discover how a Merlo telehandler can help you improve your event operations business!
Manulift is proud to help build the 2021 Carnaval de Québec as the exclusive supplier of telehandlers of the historic festival!
Manulift was excited to showcase a varitety of Merlo machines to Western Canadian farmers during the two-day event.
Merlo machines, built to excel in Canadian winters, will be used to construct the Hôtel de Glace in Québec.
Nextra Consulting and Manulift joined forces to put on an event to bring Ontario landscapers together for a mini snow removal tradeshow.