The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix has once again chosen Manulift as its supplier for the 2022 edition. True to tradition, our team and some 15 Merlo telehandlers provided on-site assistance throughout the weekend.

For almost 15 years now, the organizers of this major event, generating more than $60 million in economic benefits, have relied on Manulift to play a significant role on the site before and during the event.

We would like to thank Coffraco, Bellai Construction, LCS Briquetage & Maçonnerie Inc., Transport Claude Martel, HTC Maçonnerie, Groupe Mécano and Coffrage Major, Manulift’s loyal clients and collaborators for their involvement and dedication in making this partnership a success.

Safety Mission and Response Time

Their manoeuvrability, precision, speed, and versatility make our telehandlers the right equipment to respond to any incidents on the racetrack and quickly restore access to the circuit while ensuring the safety of all. Lifting and removing these cars, which weigh nearly 1,700 lb, have a 12m wheelbase, and are worth an average of $1.8M each, is a huge responsibility!

The race car drivers also depend a lot on the circuit’s condition to keep safe; a punctured tire or a skid can happen quickly when driving at 250 km/h. This is why sweeping the side of the track is a critical step, and our machines are able to do so easily with the appropriate attachment. Another indication of their versatility!

Also, Merlo telehandlers can reach 40 km/h, allowing them to perform all their tasks very efficiently.

Photo credit: Automobile Club

Merlo Telehandlers: Key Equipment for Site Setup and Teardown

Hosting the world’s best F1 drivers, their teams, 2,500 employees, and over 300,000 spectators in a pleasant and 100% safe venue is no small feat! For this reason, Merlo telehandlers are used extensively during site setup to unload trucks, assemble the multiple grandstands around the circuit, or erect the concrete safety walls along the racetrack.

Merlo telehandlerswide variety of attachments, ranging from forks to basket or bucket to jib winch, makes them exceptional partners.

Furthermore, their compact design and tight turning radius allow them to move smoothly and efficiently in tight spaces across the site. Finally, their power, precision and stability make them the best machines to remove crashed cars rapidly and transport them smoothly in a safe zone.

The dates for the 2023 edition of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix are still unknown, but Manulift will be honoured to contribute again!

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