Manulift wants to highlight the passion and dedication of Coffrages Synergy, which, despite the pandemic, has been pulling together to give back to the community. We’re excited to join them in supporting Le 2159, an organization that helping at-risk youth.

The Lavaltrie-based business has not only distinguished itself by the numerous awards they’ve collected over the years, their job creation and positive workspace, but also through the dynamic president, Isabelle Côté. She’s become known for her work with young people over the past three years, so it’s no surprise that she was named the “2019 Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Regroupement des gens d’affaires de Lavaltrie.

Helping those in need, despite the pandemic

Isabelle and her team are excited to continue their commitment to Le 2159, which works to prevent and counter the homeless, delinquency and sexual exploitation of youth aged 15 to 25, despite the challenges of Covid-19. As the annual Builder’s Supper couldn’t take place this year, Coffrages Synergy invites you to help support this very important cause.

“For me, social engagement has an even larger impact when you act as a team. Together, we can make a difference in these young people’s lives.”

-Isabelle Côté, president

It’s your turn!

Manulift salutes the generosity of Isabelle Côté and Coffrages Synergy and is proud to contribute to this cause. We’re counting on you now! Please contribute to this cause to help disenfranchised young people.