To make it easier for Merlo owners to access quality services, Manulift is teaming up with Hank’s Welding and Repair and Red M Mechanic to create its first service center partners. This unique initiative is designed to extend access to a network of specialized technicians, parts, and technical resources to all our customers so that they can always benefit from the expertise of partners who share our values and know their territory better than anyone.

L'équipe Red M, nouveau partenaire Manulift et centre de services pour la réparation et l'entretien de produits Merlo

Trained according to Manulift standards

Our on-site partners will take care of all the after-sales services related to Manulift and its telescopic products. These will operate as the main points of contact in specific areas, bringing specific expertise in Merlo technologies. Also, these Manulift-trained teams will be able to perform diagnostics and warranty repairs, and they already have an extensive inventory of parts to facilitate and expedite the process when required.

Réparation en cours d'un Merlo grâce à la participation de nos nouveaux centres de services et partenaires

“We have been working on Merlo for 7 years. I’ve seen a lot of improvements over the years. I enjoy their smooth driving, cab suspension, the compact size. There is good momentum in BC for Merlo machines. Several poultry farmers bought the P27.6, and other farms got Turbofarmers (veggies, fruit). Exciting!”—Chris Schutte, Hanks Welding and Repair

Telehandler experts near you

This shift aligns with the vision of proximity advocated by our team, which wants to ensure that we always provide the best service. Relying on specialized technicians and constantly supported by Manulift, our new partners will be able to offer the same guarantee of quality to our various customers throughout the network.

L'équipe Red M et ses camions de services, présent pour répondre aux besoins des clients Manulift et experts des produits Merlo

“We really like Merlo. I’ve known them for 15 years. Love their handling, driving, and versatility; they have the best axle. Plus, service parts are top of the line and the most available on the market. Customers are really happy.” – Beat Schwizer, Red-M Mechanic

With easier access to trained, motivated, and available experts, we believe we can make you more efficient and productive.

Two service centers, but more to come

You can now contact our new partners for your after-sales service:

Hank’s Welding and Repair

Logo de l'entreprise Hank's Welding and Repair, nouveau centre de services Manulift pour la région de Vancouver

  • Representative: Chris Schutte, Co-owner
  • Contact information: 1-604-751-5055 / [email protected]
  • Address: 1188 Powerhouse Road, Abbotsford, BC, V3G 1T7
  • Territory: South of BC, Abbotsford and the surroundings (see the map to know more about the area of operation)
  • Product and Market Specialist: Agriculture
  • Website:

Red M mechanic

Logo de l'e

  • Representative: Beat Schwizer [email protected]
  • Contact information: 1-403-559-8658 / [email protected]
  • 403-505-5177 Verena
  • Address: 3675 61th Avenue, Innisfail, AB, T4G 0A3
  • Territory: Edmonton and the surroundings (see the map to know more about the area of operation)
  • Product and Market Specialist: Agriculture
  • Website:

Several partners will gradually be added to the list to improve the territory’s scope of services and coverage. Watch for updates so as not to miss anything about the arrival of a service partner in your area or look for a partner near you here.