Manulift is once again expanding its service and technical support in Canada, thanks to the signing of an agreement with Dieseltech. After Hank’s Welding & Repairs Ltd and Red M Mechanic recently, this is a new addition of service partner in a short period of time in Western Canada. These partnerships aim to better meet the needs of our clients, and also facilitate their access to quality service for their Merlo telescopic handlers that meet Manulift’s standards.

Known and recognized experts

Dieseltech has been in the market for almost 15 years now and has enjoyed steady growth since opening in 2008. The team has grown from five members to more than 50 employees and has an enviable reputation in the region. It is a great success story for its founder, Brad Halco, who first imagined the name of his company many years ago:

“When I was 13, I drew a tractor-trailer on which I wrote Dieseltech, already showing my interest in machinery and engines. However, I did not know at the time that I would one day be the head of a service and fleet maintenance company, orbiting in this universe, and that I would have so much fun and enjoy such success! ”

Dieseltech’s team made a strategic choice not to dilute its expertise and to focus exclusively on the maintenance and repair of fleets of heavy equipment. This very specific focus makes them specialists in their field, and they also want to continue to learn and develop complementary knowledge in order to work on a greater variety of machines. Their thoroughness and their desire to learn and to always deliver the best service in every interaction make them a preferred Manulift partner. Rigorously trained by our teams to operate in the field of telescopic handlers, we now have more trusted and talented allies to meet the needs of our customers in Western Canada.

“We will continue to grow, and we will also be part of a strong network with many resources. It’s good for us. ” – Brad Halco, founder and owner, Dieseltech

Similar visions and complementary experts

Like us, Dieseltech’s professionals know that equipment downtime is expensive, and they rely on quality control, customer feedback and frequent exchanges with clients so they can be proactive and anticipate their needs. Dieseltech offers 100% integrated support, through service in the shop, roadside service, a customer satisfaction team and more. Relationship is the cornerstone of their success, so each client has a single representative assigned to their case, from end to end. In doing so, Dieseltech develops a better understanding of individual issues and needs, but more importantly, builds trust with each client.

Fertile ground for the next generation

The Dieseltech team, which is involved with the industry’s next generation, also plays a training role in the region and has several agreements with schools to offer various internships and training opportunities, as is the case with BCIT.

“We believe this new partner is fully aligned with the Manulift values and vision. This is an opportunity not only to better serve our clients, but also to ensure effective succession and grow expertise across the country. This partnership will certainly benefit everyone in the years to come. ”Maxime L’Hébreux – VP Operations, Manulift

Danish Nadan, mechanic at Dieseltech, trained by Manulift

Contact information: 1 (604) 320-2008 / [email protected]
Address: 1650 Hartley Avenue, Coquitlam, BC, V3K 7A1
Territory: Southern British Columbia, from Hope to Pemberton
Specialization: Machinery for the construction market