Special attachments


Trash hopper

Capacity: 3800 L

Width: 77 to 84 inches

  • Extra high volume (5 cu. yds) for waste management
  • Self-dumping model available
  • Quick-attach or slip over forks versions
Pick-up rotary sweeper

Weight: 1 ,165 to 1,410 lbs

Width: 72, 84 and 96 inches

Brush diameter: 26 inches

  • Designed for sweeping yards or construction sites
  • With a pick up bucket that catches dust and debris from the rotary broom and contains it
  • Simple fully mechanical bucket dumping system allows you to get rid of debris at the desired place
  • 50/50 poly/steel bristle wafers
  • Continuous and easy bristle height adjustment improves durability
  • Bucket with bolt-on reversible wear blade
  • Optional dust suppression water kit
Galvanized salt and sand broadcast spreader

Capacity: 380 L

Weight: 445 lbs

Width: 48 inches

Spreading Width: 3 to 40 feet

  • Consistent rotary spreading of salt or sand from 3 to 40 ft.
  • Self-loading model, no additional equipment required
  • 100% rust-free galvanized body
  • Manual flow rate adjustment slider
  • Internal agitators prevent clumping or bridging effect
  • Equipped with Merlo ZM2 and ZM3 quick attach


Weight: 2 450 lbs

Width: 98 inches

Height: 44 inches

Drum diameter: 34 inches

  • Model of choice: Pronovost P-98134-GV
  • Oversized serrated auger for better performance
  • Offers unparalleled productivity when combined with PTO-equipped Merlo Multifarmer


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You can speak to a sales representative by calling toll free at 1 (877) 641-8355 or by completing the short contact form available here.

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Several financing options are available to our customers to meet their needs:
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The minimum rental period is 3 months for all our machines.

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Our inventory of used machines is always changing. The latest version can be found here.

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Yes, we will buy back your old equipment under certain conditions.

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What types of attachments do you offer?

We offer a wide range of attachments such as forks, buckets, platforms, hooks and many other specialized attachments for agricultural work or other specialized uses. We can also create certain customized attachments.

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Do you sell only the Merlo brand?

No, we also offer Skytrack telehandlers and Snorkel boom lifts, scissor lifts and elevating platforms.

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