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Catalog | Earthworks and Municipalities
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E-Worker 25.5 Telehandler, Electric Telehandler
5,000 lbs Maximum Charge
16 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 27.6 Top Telehandler
6,000 lbs Maximum Charge
19 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 72.10 Plus Telehandler, High-Capacity Telehandler
16,000 lbs Maximum Charge
31 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 120.10 HM Telehandler
26,500 lbs Maximum Charge
32 feet Maximal Height
Multifarmer 34.7 CS Compact Tractor
7,500 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 30.9 L Telehandler, Compact Tractor
6,600 lbs Maximum Charge
28 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 33.7 L Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,300 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 33.9 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,275 lbs Maximum Charge
28 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 35.7 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,700 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
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Earthworks and Municipalities

The earthmoving sector and municipal services require high-capacity and robust equipment. The telehandlers and compact tractors offered by Manulift are excellent productivity tools for this industry, not only because of their brute strength but also the versatility of the tasks they can perform.

In addition to increasing users’ profitability, Merlo machines, which are distributed exclusively in Canada by Manulift, enable tasks to be performed more efficiently as a result of their unique design. For instance, the greater frontal reach enables more optimal loading and unloading in tight spaces, particularly on the same side of the machine. The large number of buckets that can also be combined with the machines allows for a variety of load capacities depending on need. They can be used for various tasks, including snow removal during the off-season, and have a greater reach than a traditional tractor because of the telescopic boom attached to them.

Merlo telehandlers reduce manual handling and allow a multitude of tasks to be performed more efficiently. Their versatility is appreciated by users and very often underestimated when first purchased. After a few weeks, customers come to discover the full potential of the machine, enabling them to optimize their business operations gradually and efficiently.

One of the most popular models in this industry is the Merlo Multifarmer, a machine with a 28-foot boom that enables maintenance work of all kinds, such as mowing lawns, installing and adjusting street lights, snow removal, bucket work, installing Christmas decorations, park maintenance, tree trimming, festival installation, and more. The Merlo Multifarmer can replace a traditional tractor and opens up many possibilities by integrating the functions of several products into a single product, such as the Skid Steer, bucket truck, wheel loader, and more.

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