Although the mortality rate for breast cancer has been decreasing over the past few years, it’s still the deadliest cancer for women, with more than 627,000 deaths in 2018 according to the World Health Organization. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Throughout the entirety of 2020, more than 1.7 million women worldwide will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Every day, 75 Canadian women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Fourteen Canadian women die from it daily, according to

Sébastien Lacourse, the owner of SLG Construction Inc. in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, was personally affected by breast cancer, and knows all too well the courage that it takes to fight this disease. Thirty years ago, he stood by his mother in her fight against breast cancer. As a tribute to breast cancer survivors, and his mother’s strength and courage, pink sweaters have become commonplace on SLG Construction’s work sites.

While the team is vocal in their support for this cause, that wasn’t enough for Sébastien. He wanted to make a significant gesture for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Thanks to Manulift ─ exclusive distributor of Merlo in Canada and partner of SLG Construction since their first purchase of a Merlo in 2008 ─ Sébastien found the best way to show his support for the cause; an all-pink Pano 40.17.

Pano 40.17, a Perfect Choice for Sébastien and His Team

Since 2005, SLG Construction Inc. specializes in the construction of high-quality wood frames and premade structures for residential and commercial use. Their pink Pano 40.17, which is usually green like the rest of Merlo’s fleet, now allows Sébastien to show his support for breast cancer awareness every time he’s on the job, and he doesn’t have to sacrifice performance to do it. With the machine’s intelligent hydraulic suspension, spacious cabin and innovative modular construction concept, he’s able to stand apart from the competition.

The use of the machine facilitates the day-to-day work of his team. With clients’ growing expectations and increasingly demanding markets, the Pano 40.17 is a major asset for SLG Construction.

“I bought my first Merlo from Manulift in 2008, and I have been buying two or three Merlo’s a year ever since,” said Sébastien. “I’m now up to 12. You can always count on it! When I first started, I was the only one to have a Merlo in the area. Now they’re all over the place! But ours is unique. For my mother and breast cancer fighters, we have the one and only one fully pink Pano.”

On top of pushing through all boundaries on the job thanks to his completely pink Pano 40.17, Sébastien and SLG Construction are able to show their support in the fight against breast cancer in a unique and personal way.

Whether your Pano is pink or green, you can always count on it to meet your performance needs.

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