In an industry as tough and demanding as greenhouse manufacturing, producers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and minimize wasted time. To do so, Serres Guy Tessier turned to a solution outside the box, swapping their two forklifts for two Merlo P27.6 telescopic handlers.

Transition from the traditional forklift to a Merlo telescopic handler

Compact telescopic machines were new tools for their team to master. They initially wondered if investing in this new equipment would really generate the gains hoped for. As a matter of fact, the first Merlo P27.6 purchased by Serres Guy Tessier became indispensable to daily productivity in no time. The benefits were so significant that they quickly decided to buy a second one!

In a company that manufactures and sets up greenhouse structures, these machines spend their entire day loading and unloading, moving, and stowing materials at ridiculously fast speed.

“With our Panoramic 27.6, I’d say that we are about 80% more efficient than before in our daily tasks. “ – Jean-Michel Blanchet, production supervisor

In making this major change, the Serres Guy Tessier teams were greatly inspired by industries that seem to share the challengers such as warehouses, recycling and waste centres, lumber yards, and other businesses with confined spaces, uneven terrain, and seasonally changeable weather conditions. A great advantage they see with the P27.6 is the machine’s ease of movement on uneven ground, especially outdoors, where the Merlo performs much better and makes jobs simple and safe.

“During winter, when there is less than 5 cm of snow, the yard does not need to be plowed because the Merlo has the power and traction necessary to do the job. This is a major time saver compared to our former processes! “ – Jean-Michel Blanchet, production supervisor

A change that pays off in better handling, comfort, and productivity

Aside from its rugged design for different terrains, the telescopic handler offers easy handling, impressive boom reach and load capacity while having compactness to work in tight spaces. Its fork positioning ability facilitates varied tasks and rapid position changes, making a huge difference in an industry where the materials to be handled come in a wide variety of sizes. And let’s not forget the comfort of the Panoramic 27.6. Its cab, heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer, and its built-in cameras, let the driver work in complete safety and total comfort.

Along with the many direct benefits, the ease of mastering the new tools made a big difference. Training provided by Manulift brought the telescopic users up to speed and quickly made them independent in their tasks, to the company’s delight.

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