A family business driven by safety and efficiency

Grove RV, founded in 2006 is a family business to its very core. Multiple members of the Levasseur family work at the dealership and that inclusive family atmosphere extends to all their employees. Essential to their success is a constant pursuit of the best consumer experience, quality service and most efficient work practices. Scott Deeks from Grove RV saw an industry-wide safety gab in work practices which launched him on a path to find a safer, more efficient way to move trailers in their yard. This quest had him try different kinds of machinery and working methods to finally fill his needs with Manulift through the purchase of a Merlo P27.6 telehandler.

Made believers out of the sceptics

Such a drastic change in working methods coupled by the unassuming size of the P27.6 was bound to be met with some pushback by employees at the dealership; how could such a small machine do the task? Yet, as Scott would tell you, the Merlo quickly made believers out of the sceptics as it effortlessly moves around even their most impressive trailers with a level of precision and efficiency that they say is mind-blowing. Some now ponder how they were ever able to work without it. The Merlo is so efficient that they can complete those tasks in half the time, saving them man-hour costs, fuel costs and allowing employees to do a wider variety of tasks in a day’s work at the dealership.

Industry-specific attachment

The end of their Merlo’s 19’ boom is equipped with a brand-new, industry-specific attachment; the Thorlock; a hydraulic trailer handler. This attachment is composed of a regular hitch on an extended solid steel arm as well as its most unique feature: an hydraulic bolted lock for fifth-wheel attached trailers. Using this method, no worker ever has to be put in a pinch point ever again. With the trailer now solidly locked onto the boom, the Merlo can easily move even the largest trailers in their fleet with ease, precision and unparalleled safety.


With their trailer-moving and safety needs now met, Scott and his family can now focus on delivering the best experience for the customers and enjoy their favorite part of the job: helping their clients on their way to unique memories with their friends and family as they enjoy the RV lifestyle.

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