Having recently purchased a brand new Merlo Turbofarmer telehandler, the fifth generation of the Erskine family is gradually taking control of the dairy farm. The family business has grown substantially in recent years. Acquired in 1994 by brothers Jason and John Erskine, the 800-acre property has since been transformed and adapted to double its annual production, for instance. Today, with 380 animals – 200 of which are in dairy production – it is Jason’s son Noel who is taking over the company. He has brought an innovative and entrepreneurial vision for the future of the business. This vision, his father has taken great care to establish it gradually over the past 30 years.

With a new orientation, the addition of a complete milking building and a 100% organic crop to feed the animals, a major change has been taking place for several years now. The Erskine are committed to building on this momentum in the years to come.

An Opportunity Previously Unknown

The brand new Merlo Turbofarmer 50.8 TCS purchased by the Erskine family has proven to be very beneficial for the company’s growth and entrepreneurial progress. This is their second Turbofarmer, as they now wanted an even more powerful model to meet new needs and optimize their efficiency.

“Whether for visibility, oversized wheels, power, or versatility, the Merlo can do what no other product has done before and efficiently contributes to ALL daily tasks at the farm and even more.”

The Telescopic Tractor: the Only Option to Meet Their Needs

Jason added that several types of equipment were used over the years, from a Skidsteer to a farm tractor and a Payloader. They had decent results, but still had the same concerns: lack of versatility, lack of brute strength and difficulty maneuvering, to name a few.

After meeting David, a Manulift representative, they decided on a Merlo Turbofarmer telehandler. Jason says at the outset that David really understood their needs and came up with a product that could meet all of them. The machine had to be efficient, lift heavy load, have good fuel economy, but above all, be reliable.

“David was very optimistic at first, and I thought it was too good to be true. He was right, though; our Merlo does everything we need and meets all our initial expectations and more! It looks like the machine was custom built for the work on a farm. They built a fierce beast with all the features we love!”

Merlo Turbofarmer : Unmatched Versatility and Efficiency

Thanks to this acquisition, the farm’s growth can be sustained at such a pace. Their new tool has been used for day-to-day tasks, construction projects and the rehabilitation of certain facilities. This double-added value allows the team to save time and money in all their actions. This is a significant impact in a field where working hours are staggering.

“With Merlo, we save more than 300 hours of work per year, just for preparing the mixture and feeding the animals.”

Its high versatility also allows it to perform demanding and sometimes dangerous manual tasks, thus ensuring the full safety of the team.

Manulift, a Partner Who Shares Their Vision and Values

With a fifth generation preparing to take over the organization’s reins on their own, Noel is proud to have equipment that matches his vision and values.

“I am a modern entrepreneur and want to do things more responsibly. Our Merlo helps me progress in the right direction. This telehandler consumes much less fuel than other machines on the market. Therefore, its environmental impact is much more limited than its competitors.”

Assisted by his father and uncle, Noel perfectly embodies this new generation of farmers, who particularly value the support they can get. This is what most reassures the Erskine family about their professional relationship with Manulift:

“Manulift is a partner that ensures the durability of operations through its after-sales service offer. You never feel abandoned with them.”

With innovative ideas, a vision for the future and modern, high-performance equipment, the Erskine family is ready to face the future and grow the family business. When asked to describe in one sentence the contribution of Merlo and Manulift to their daily lives, the answer is simple but straightforward:

“It’s worth it!”

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