For yet another year, Manulift has been announced as the official heavy machinery supplier for the famous Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Québec City. 

Before you’re able to enjoy the icy walls, snow arches and clear ice sculptures, Merlo machines will be hard at work doing the heavy lifting necessary to build the hotel.

Merlo’s machines are built to excel in Canadian winters. Before even being shipped out to Canada from Italy, each machine is put to the test in a weather chamber that can hit -40 degrees Celsius. This attention to detail is part of the reason the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) and Manulift have worked together for so many years. Building such a unique structure requires precision. Merlo machines are able to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing power, which makes them the perfect choice to build this unique destination.

The Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) will be open from January 2 to March 21, 2021.

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