Pride, a sense of duty, and a deep love for his profession are what stand out from the very start of a conversation with Cordell Griffith, owner of C&M Ranching. The ranch has been the pride and joy of the Griffith family for over 100 years, with Cordell the fourth generation to take over the family farm. Taking care of 350 animals and 7,400 acres of land might seem like an impossible job for most of us. But for Cordell, it’s the best job in the world.

“We’re always busy. That’s the beauty of being where we’re at. It goes for all ranchers out there. You feed a lot of mouths, and their mouths are almost more important than your own. And covering big acres like here is something where you need good quality equipment that can stand the large acres and the big hours.” — Cordell Griffith, C&M Ranching.

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Speed and comfort make all the difference

Working long hours is par for the course when you make a living as a breeder and farmer and are at the mercy of the weather. Every minute counts, and Merlo telescopic compact tractors are the best machines to get the job done.

Thanks to his 170 HP Multifarmer 40.9, Cordell can get around at 40 km/h very comfortably. The manufacturer’s signature cab is the largest and most comfortable in the industry, and its suspension also provides greater stability for a smooth ride, even with heavy loads. Not to mention Merlo’s exclusive Quick Attach system, which allows operators to switch attachments in seconds as well as the PTO, and a 3-point attachment system, all must-haves for any cattle farm. Cordell saves almost an hour a day!

“The biggest impact that I’ve seen right away was the speed. The areas where we built the forge for the cattle is 10 miles away. I used to load up a tractor or drive it for half an hour. Now, it’s 10 minutes and you’re there! It goes fast, it’s smooth, and it’s really good on fuel.”  — Cordell Griffith

Stable and safe

It’s hard to find safer equipment than Merlo telescopic handlers. Each year, the manufacturer invests nearly 9% of annual revenue ($100 million) in research and development, with an emphasis on safety.

For example, the exclusive Merlo Dynamic Control system automatically detects the type of attachment, the geometric configuration, the angle of the boom, and the load being transported. The anti-tipping system displays all the important information on the screen so the operator can make adjustments in real time.

Visibility from the cab is unparalleled in the industry. Not only does the position of the boom give the operator a 360-degree view and no blind spots, Merlo telehandlers are also equipped with a backup camera.

Compact, powerful, and perfect for day-to-day work at the ranch

The compact size of the Merlo Multifarmer 40.9 doesn’t mean it’s short on power. Quite the opposite. This workhorse has a load capacity to 12,000 pounds and has a 36-foot lifting height as well as excellent traction and pushing capabilities.

In the fields or in farm buildings, the MF 40.9 helps you get your work done with ease, efficiency, and precision.

“To be honest, I don’t think I spent any time in the Skid Steer since I’ve got the Merlo. The biggest thing I used the Skid Steer for was in tight spots in the shop, and the Merlo can get around very good.” — Cordell Griffith

Investing in versatility: A smart choice that pays off

The handling, power, speed, and precision of the MF 40.9 combined with the wide variety of available attachments make it a true all-in-one. The possibilities are virtually endless, which means Merlo telescopic handlers can replace almost all your other equipment on the farm. And according to Cordell Griffith, the investment is definitely worth it.

“This unit worth’s more than I ever had anything be worth on this farm. But if you base the raw cost to the same costs of a normal tractor, both being brand new, you will find that this is very similar in cost, maybe even slightly cheaper, and than you get the versatility (of the Merlo) that will allow you to do way more things than you ever imagine.”


Click here to learn more about the Multifarmer line. Beginning in 2023, the MF 40.9 will be replaced by the more powerful MF 44.9.

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